NP, RD 8/12D/1861

From the Richmond Dispatch
August 12, 1862
Office of R. & P. R.R. Co.  {Richmond & Petersburg RR}
Richmond, June 27, 1861


The following order has been received at this office:
Executive Department
Richmond, June 27, 1861
   You will cause instructions to be issued to the proper officers of your Road, to permit no one to pass over the same out of the city who shall be without a permit from the Governor, or someone authorized by him to give passports.
   Officers producing their commissions from the Government of the Confederate States, or other States of the Confederacy, or their orders, will be permitted to pass without other authority.
By order
S. Bassett French, A. D. C. to Governor of Virginia
To the President Richmond & Petersburg Railroad Company
Notice is hereby given that all persons who travel on this Railroad will be required to comply with the same.
T. H. Wynne, Superintendent