NP, RD 7/15A/1861

From the Richmond Dispatch
July 15, 1861
The schooners captured off Cedar Keys
   The Apalachicola (Fla) News, of the 8th inst., gives the subjoined facts in relation to a recent exploit which has been announced by telegraph:
   Four sailing vessels appeared off Cedar Keys on the 1st instant. On the 2nd, the steamer Madison, fully armed, and manned with two companies stationed at that point, Gen. Whit Smith in command, went out after them and [succeeded] in capturing the four.
   It will be remembered that some time ago the blockading vessel off New Orleans somewhere -- the Massachusetts -- captured five of our schooners -- one loaded with railroad iron for the Mobile railroad {probably the Mobile & Ohio RR}, one with brick, one with turpentine, one with mixed cargo of turpentine and salt, and the fifth, a Mexican craft, with flour. The squadron proves to be the same boats, and were on their way to Key West, as prizes, under command of Lieut, Geo. L. Selden, when the four first described became becalmed off Cedar Keys, and were recaptured. The fifth had left the squadron some days previous, the Lieutenant says, against his orders, and was not seen by the capturing party. It has been suggested that her crew may have become disgusted with the dirty work of Mr. Lincoln and are now afloat on their own hook. The names of the schooners we have not learned.