NP, RD 5/8A/1862

From the Richmond Daily Dispatch
May 8, 1862
A remarkable report from Cairo
   The following, which we take from the correspondence of the Cincinnati Commercial, *****
   Cairo, April 28. There are 5,000 bales of cotton, 1,000 hogsheads sugar and 20,000 barrels molasses now lying upon the levee, at Memphis, of which the cotton will be burned, and the sugar and molasses will be rolled into the river on the approach of the Union forces. The citizens and newspapers are opposed to burning the city, but soldiers and country people favor it.  {If the above numbers are correct, it would require about 200 cars to carry away the cotton, 15 cars for the sugar and 125 cars for the molasses -- about 23 trains of 15 cars each.}
   The Memphis & Ohio, and Memphis & Charleston, and Mississippi & Tennessee Railroads, are connected by union tracks, to give greater facilities for moving rolling stock and prisoners in case of a Union attack All the old iron and brass was being collected and forwarded below.