NP, RD 4/17/1862

From the Richmond Dispatch
April 17, 1862
   The Augusta Chronicle and Sentinel, of Monday, contains the following account:
   Sergeant E. E. Pritchard, of the Washington Artillery, arrived here last evening, and gives us further particulars of the occupation of Huntsville. He was on his way to join his company at Corinth, but was turned back at Stevenson by the intelligence that the Federal had possession of Huntsville, and had cut off the railroad communication {by way of the Memphis & Charleston RR} with Corinth. Mr. P. informs us that he had a conversation with an engineer who succeeded in running the "gauntlet," and who gave him the following statement:
   He said that early on Fridaymorning he came up the road from Decatur, that on arriving at Huntsville he found the telegraph operator in waiting, who threw his apparatus on board and informed him that the Federalists were just coming into the town. The engineer then started his train, but before getting through the town, he was fired upon by the Federal force, and a shell was also fired at the train, but did not succeed in hitting it. His brother, also an engineer, was just behind him, with a long train of empty cars, which was returning from carrying troops to Corinth. The Federal infantry fired a volley into the cab on the engine, and it was supposed killed the engineer, as the train was stopped and had not been heard from at Stevenson. The Federal force could not be under trained, but consisted of cavalry, infantry, and one piece of artillery. They have possession of the city and have effectually cut off all communication by that route. The 5th Georgia regiment had passed over the roads short time previous, and were all safely beyond Huntsville, except some few who were detailed to bring on baggage.
   Passengers by the Georgia railroad last night report that Huntsville has been occupied by eleven thousand Federal troops. Two locomotives and trains of cars, loaded with troops going to reinforce Beauregard, were captured. All communication, except by way of Mobile, is cut off, if the report is true.