NP, RD 3/7A/1864

From the Richmond Dispatch
March 7, 1864
Office R F & P RR Co.  {Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac RR}
Richmond, March 5, 1864
   All checks drawn by this company, and all drafts drawn on it, and all other claims against this company for dividends, or on open account, due previous to the 25th March, 1864, must be presented for payment of it before that day. No checks will be drawn nor draft payments made at this office from that day to 1st of April prox. All checks issued, and drafts drawn, or debts due prior to 25th March, 1864, presented for payment after, the 1st proximo will be paid in the present currency at its par value, or, at the option of the company, in the new currency at the rate of three dollars of the present for two of the new currency, as fixed by act of Congress passed 17t February, 1864.
J. B. Watson, Treas'r