NP, RD 2/6/1863

From the Richmond Daily Dispatch
February 6, 1863
Confederate States Congress
House of Representatives
   By Mr. Foote, of Tenn.: ***** Also, a resolution that a special committee of five be instructed to inquire particularly into the existing condition of the transportation service on the line of railroad extending from Vicksburg, Miss., to Mobile, Ala. {the Southern of Mississippi RR and the Mobile & Ohio RR}, and report to this House the facts of the case, in order that the proper remedy herein may be promptly applied; also, to inquire into the same subject in reference to the line of the Mobile & Ohio Railroad, from Meridian to Cholous {I'm unable to identify this location/station}, in the State of Mississippi, and also, the line of railroads from Richmond to Charleston, S. C. Agreed to.