NP, RD 2/23/1864

From the Richmond Daily Dispatch
February 23, 1864
   **** Later and fuller information from above relative to the late movement, induces us to believe that Gen. Polk has acted with prudence and energy, with the means at his command. The enemy certainly got the start of him, and was in full march before his scattered forces were got in hand. The consequence was very rapid movements and heavy work for our soldiers, causing the usual loss of strength and spirit. But in saving the public stores and other property, and in getting all the railway transportation out of the enemy's reach, there has been displayed extraordinary energy, resulting in complete success. Everything was saved at Meridian, including 2,000 bales of Government cotton, several hundred hogsheads of sugar, immense supplies of commissary, quartermaster, and ordnance stores. In this the General was seconded by the energy and experience of Col. Fleming, the Superintendent of the Mobile & Ohio Railroad, who further succeeded in removing all the movable property of the road, even to the machine shop at Enterprise.