NP, RD 2/10F/1862

From the Richmond Dispatch
February 10, 1862
Army of the Peninsula -- Richmond & York River Railroad
Change of Schedule

   On and after Saturday, February 1st, 1862, the trains over this road will run as follows:

   The Passenger and Mail trains will leave Richmond daily at 7 A. M., (topping only at regular stations,) and arrive at West Point at 9 A. M., connecting with the ship steamer Logan for Gloucester Point and Yorktown, and intermediate landings.
   Returning will leave West point at 5 P. M., on arrival of ship steamer Logan, from Gloucester Point and York Town, and arrive at Richmond at 7 P. M.
   Freight Trains will leave Richmond daily (except Sundays) at 4 P. M.. and arrive at West Point at 7:53 P. M. Leave West Point at 9:15 A. M., and arrive at Richmond at 12:34 P. M.
   No freight received after 3:30 P. M.
By order of the President A. B. Daingerfield, Agent