NP, NUA 2/19/1861

From the Nashville Weekly Union and American 
February 19, 1861
Change of Time
Nashville & Decatur Rail Road
   On and after Sunday, February 17th, 1861, the Trains will leave Nashville at
6:30 in the Morning
6:30   "   "  Evening
Arrive at Nashville,
1:15 in the Morning
1:15  "   "  Evening
   The morning Train going South, will Breakfast at Franklin. Both Trains make close connections at Decatur with the Memphis & Charleston Railroad, to Huntsville, Memphis, Mobile, New Orleans, and all points South, East, and West. At Nashville, close connection is made with the Louisville & Nashville Railroad to Louisville and all points North, North-west and East.
   The Local Accommodations will run as heretofore --
Leaving Nashville at 3:00 P. M.
Arriving at Nashville 10:00 A. M.
   Freight Train leaves Nashville every Morning at 5 o'clock, and arrives every Evening at 7 o'clock.
W. O'N. Perkins
General Superintendent