NP, NUA 2/11A/1861

From the Nashville Weekly Union and American 
February 11, 1861
The Railroads and the Rains
Fatal Railroad Accident
   We learn from Mr. Crott, messenger of the Adams Express Company, that the heavy rains of last Friday and Saturday have done a vast amount of damage to some of the railroads connecting with the Memphis & Charleston railroad. The abutment of the railroad bridge over the Chickamauga creek, about ten miles from Chattanooga, was washed away on Saturday night. On Sunday morning the eastward bound train from Chattanooga, whose engineer was ignorant of the washing away of the bridge, ran into the creek, the locomotive being entirely submerged, together with the tender and baggage car. The engineer, Mr. McNabb, when he drew near, blew for the breaks, and reversed the engine, but had no time to escape. He went down at his post, and has not been seen since. He leaves a wife and four children at Knoxville. The fireman, Mr. Brown, jumped off the train and swam ashore with great difficulty.
   The Western & Atlantic road, which runs from Chattanooga to Atlanta, had two or three bridges washed away, and the water was over the track some four hundred yards between Chattanooga and Chickamauga station. The bridge south of Johnson depot was also washed out of its place. The bridge at Tilton station was likewise washed away.
   The New Orleans and Jackson road {New Orleans, Jackson & Great Northern RR} was also considerably washed away on Friday night, near Jackson, Miss.
   There has also been heavy slides on the Virginia & Tennessee Railroad.
   The Southern bound train from Chattanooga to Atlanta {Western & Atlantic RR} got as far as Catoosa, about thirty miles from Chattanooga, on Sunday morning, when it was found that the bridge on the Chickamauga had been washed out, so that it could not pass. The train attempted to go back, but it was found that a portion of the territory over which it had passed had been washed away so that it could not return, leaving one and a half miles for it to play on.
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