NP, MM 4/5/1861

From the Montgomery Mail
April 5, 1861
The Montgomery & Eufaula and the Alabama & Florida {(of Alabama)} Rail Roads
   We are informed that a track-laying force of about twenty hands, belonging to the Montgomery & Eufaula Rail Road Company, have this morning been sent down to Conecula county, to assist in completing the road between this city and Pensacola, if possible, by the first of May. This arrangement has been effected, of course, by a conference between Messrs. Pollard and Seals, respectively the President of each of the two companies designated. So soon as the road is open from this city to Pensacola the force thus extended to the Pensacola road will resume work on the Montgomery & Eufaula Rail Road. The public will see at once the object of this arrangement. It is to facilitate, at an early a day as possible, the transportation of troops to the Gulf.