NP, MM 12/12A/1862

From the Montgomery Mail
December 12, 1862
   Owing to the dissatisfaction expressed with the present arrangement of giving to certain houses a day of shipment, and the continued heavy pressure of freight both for the Government and individuals. This company will, on and after the 15th inst., adopt the following rules in regard to shipments:
   On Monday, December 15th, a registry book will be opened at 9 o'clock, a. m., and shippers will be required to register all freights desired to be forwarded.
   Shippers will be required to register the marks, number and description of packages, the name of consignee and destination.
   No shipper will be allowed to register more than two car loads in any one day, and no transfer of the right to ship articles will be allowed, but goods must be shipped as registered, or the next in order of registration will be forwarded. 
   Goods will be forwarded strictly in the order of registration, but the right of the Government to forward its freight at all times, in preference to private freight is recognized, and the company reserves the right to forward promptly at all times, salt and family and plantation supplies to stations on this road.
Dan'l H. Cram
Engineer and Superintendent  {Montgomery & West Point RR}