NP, HCG 1/1/1862

From the Hind County Gazette (Raymond, Miss.)
January 1, 1862
   The Mississippi Legislature adjourned on the 20th ultimo, to meet again on the 13th instant, when its labors will be resumed. Judging from the dimensions of the published proceedings, an immense amount of private and local business was transacted at the first session, together with the following measures of relief:
   3. A bill authorizing all the chartered Railroad Companies in the State to issue bank notes, in sums of from one to three dollars.  By its provisions the Mississippi Central is allowed to issue $150,000, the Mobile & Ohio $100,000, the Mississippi & Tennessee $50,000, the Southern {of Mississippi} $50,000, the {West} Feliciana $20,000, the Grand Gulf {& Port Gibson} $10,000 -- total $380,000. The New Orleans and Jackson {New Orleans, Jackson & Great Northern RR} road issues notes in Louisiana, and by special law its notes are allowed to circulate in this State. The notes issued under the act are to be always receivable in payment of freight and passage on each road, and also in payment of any debt due the road issuing them. Each road is also required to redeem when five dollars of their issue in amount is presented at their different offices. A very important section is the one which provides that each Road shall receive the issues of all the other roads in payment of freight and passage.