NP, GI 7/6/1861

From the Gainesville Independent (Gainesville, Ala.)
July 6, 1861
   Our working president, Capt. A. K. Ramsey {of the Mississippi, Gainesville & Tuscaloosa RR} *** one main object in view was to locate a depot. But our energetic engineer Mr. Avery being unwell we had to defer this part of the programme. After a bountiful dinner of ham, barbecued lamb, bread and condiments on the greensward we adjourned for a ride to the junction 7 1/2 miles. This we accomplished in 33 minutes, not very fast you will say but bear in mind we wanted to look, see and enjoy the ride. We took the good citizens at the junction by surprise, such an inroad from this quarter having never occurred before. After a stay of 15 minutes we returned to the "Palace," backed down by the good locomotive "Paducah."
   The ride was delightful, so much so that one of our party fell into a somnolent state, and had it not been for the Captain of the Gainesville Guards he might have visions of future prosperity of our little village. He was satisfied that the Gainesville road was a fixed fact.
   We found the road in a very prosperous condition. The iron is bought and paid for and President Ramsey goes to Mobile tomorrow with money to pay the last of our duties, and we have enough money left to send to Nashville for provisions that will suffice until the road is finished. Still we do need help and that is some twenty-five hands for a month, free gratis. Raise us these hands and we pledge ourselves to bring in the road at the rate of two miles per week. The hands will be well-treated and will have comfortable quarters. There are less than fourteen miles to go, and it must be and shall be completed at an early date.
Mc. M. {Robert G. McMahon}