NP, FG 3/20/1861

From the Florence (Ala.) Gazette
March 20, 1861
From the Memphis Argus, of March 2
The Memphis & Charleston Railroad and Through Freight
   The following communication from Col. Sam Tate, president of the Memphis & Charleston railroad, regarding a statement made by us a few days since, we insert with pleasure:
   To the Editor of the Daily Argus:
   I notice an article in your paper of yesterday in relation to preference given to through freight on this road over local freight. Your informant is totally mistaken. We now have no through rate from St. Louis, or any other Western city, beyond Memphis, and wh????? a through rate the through freight was received and forwarded precisely as local freight, and no questions were asked where the freight came from or where it was going. We have endeavored to clear our warehouse daily of all freights, but since the break in the Western & Atlantic railroad, and East Tennessee & Georgia railroad, which took place on the first of this month, it has been impossible for us to deliver our through freight to those roads and consequently our cars were detained, loaded and laying on side tracks, fourteen days, causing an accumulation of freight and derangement of cars to such an extent that we have been unable yet to clear the road; but within the coming week we hope to get everything clear and move on with our accustomed regularity and satisfaction to ourselves and the public. In the meantime, you may assure merchants and shippers that no labor or efforts will be spared by us to relieve ourselves and satisfy them; and, certainly, no favoritism will be shown to places and people, but justice equity and equality meted out to all, as long as the road is managed by its present board of directors. 
Yours truly,
Sam Tate
Memphis, February 22, 1861