NP, FG 2/6A/1861

From the Florence (Ala.) Gazette
February 6, 1861
Rail on the Track
   On Thursday last as we were riding out from Courtland, on horseback, we found a large fence rail laying across the track of the Memphis & Charleston Railroad, which, from its position, we are bound to believe was placed there intentionally. We threw the rail off the track, as every person should do, on discovering obstructions on a railroad. It is very probable that this rail would have been discovered in season to prevent an accident, to a train bound upward, there being a straight stretch for some distance below; but it might have caused an accident to a down train, on account of a curve, just above. Men who would obstruct a railway, thereby endangering many lives, are certainly devoid of every feeling that should prompt hones and humane persons.