NP, CR 3/27/1865

From the Chattanooga Rebel
March 27, 1865
Raid on the Florida Railroad   {Alabama & Florida (of Alabama) RR}
   The passenger train that left here at 4 o'clock for Pollard, returned this morning, having gone further than Granville, where it was learned that a Yankee cavalry was on the road below.
   We understand that Mr. Winn the conductor (whose train was captured) gives the following account:
   He left this city at 4 o'clock on Thursday evening; arriving at Greenville, was informed that all was right, and proper on down the road yesterday morning; when about Gravel Hill, twenty-five miles from Greenville, the train was fired into by Yankee cavalry, without ???, and several passengers killed; the engineer put on steam and pushed ahead, hoping to get through, but after running for a few miles ran into the engine of a freight train previously injured; the passenger train was then captured, with some fifty soldiers, eight or ten ladies, and a number of children aboard and the conductor escaped but got shot in the shoulder.
   Force of the enemy's cavalry on this line is ??? estimated at from 1200 to 1500. The telegraph is working to Greenville at this writing, rendering it pretty certain that the Yankees have not yet advanced that far.
Montgomery Advertiser, 25th