NP, MAR 5/1/1864

From the Mobile Advertiser & Register
May 1, 1864
   Col. Fleming, Chief Engineer and General Superintendent of the Mobile & Ohio Railroad Company, was brought to the city yesterday. We learn from him that the accident occurred near Guntown. The engines of his construction trains came in collision, but they were moving so slowly, that very little damage was done to either engine. Mr. Fleming had taken position on the cow-catcher, for the purpose of better examining the road, and the accident was occasioned by his jumping from the cow-catcher. His left leg was broken in two places, just below the knee. He hopes, however, that he will soon be all right again, and that he will not long be absent from his responsibilities and important duties. It is much to be regretted that by this accident his trip up the road was not extended to the desired point.