NP, MAR 4/9/1862

From the Mobile Advertiser & Register
April 9, 1862
Railroad Meeting
   At the Annual Meeting of the Stockholders of the Mobile & Great Northern Railroad Company, W. G. Jones was on motion called to the Chair, and S. W. Allen requested to act as Secretary.
   The Chairman announced the meeting duly organized, and stated that the first business in order was the reading of the Annual Report of the President.
   After the report was read, it was on motion of J. M. Muldon, received, adopted, and ordered printed.
   On motion of R. A. Baker, the reading of the Report of the Chief Engineer was dispensed with, and ordered printed with that of the President, for the use of the Stockholders.
   There being no other business before the meeting, it was on motion adjourned.
W. G. Jones, Chairman
S. W. Allen, Secretary
Mobile, April 8, 1862