NP, MAR 1/9/1864

From the Mobile Advertiser & Register
January 9, 1864
   Will the Editors of the Advertiser and Register allow a friend to suggest as an appropriate
M. & O. R. R. {Mobile & Ohio RR} Time Table for 1864
Leave Mobile daily -- 10 minutes before sundown.
Arrive Meridian -- sometime during the week.
Pass intermediate stations -- when the whistle blows.
Leave Meridian -- on arrival of train from Okolona.
Arrive Mobile -- in time for connection with up trains (wood and water permitting).
Pass intermediate stations -- as circumstances allow.
Rules and Regulations
1.  Engineers and conductors are strictly forbidden to run faster than this Time Table.
2. Foot travelers, leaving any station on schedule time must flag the train then due, and keep at least one-fourth mile ahead of all trains, moving in the same direction.
3. Passengers leaving the cars to "walk ahead" at any station must wait for the train at the next "woodpile." The cars will not stop to pick up passengers by the roadside.
4. No passengers will be taken on the trains unless provided with 5 days rations.
5. Foot travelers will not be allowed to pass trains when in motion, going in the same direction; and to prevent wear and tear of track, must not exceed under any circumstances regular schedule speed of 4 miles an hour.
  NB -- To meet the extraordinary expenses incurred by the company in this arrangement of trains, an increased table and of charges has been adopted which, in view of the increased qualities provided the traveling public will no doubt meet with cheerful acquiescence.
   Passengers from Mobile to Meridian may rely upon ????? their destination by this road several ??? of either the river or Selma ???. 
   Ample experience during the last six months ??? the managers in assuring the public that the company will be able to make the time presumed by the schedule unless the trains should be ??? "demonstrated" by "military necessity."
By Order of the Grand M