NP, MAP 11/7A/1861

From the Memphis Appeal
November 7, 1861
   The {Memphis &} Charleston railroad brought in 1761 brls and 442 sacks of flour. The President of this road stated on 'Change, some days ago, that if the military authorities could give him the use of his cars he could bring 4000 brls of flour a day to this market. There can be no doubt that by a little method and management a portion at least of the cars that have been monopolized for military purposes, with the understanding that the cars thus released should be used for bringing flour from the districts where it is cheap for the use of the army up the river. How much more completely such an arrangement would have ??? the necessary supplies at a cheap rate, than the system that has unfortunately been pursued. The course of trade would not have been deranged, unnecessary advances of prices would not have occurred; on the contrary, the receipts from a distance would have been a check on advances in our market, no rights would have been violated, and no irritated feeling would have been engendered. Is it too late to initiate such policy? Evidently the right way to escape from the Columbus embargo difficulty, is to increase the supply by facilitating receipts from a distance.