NP, MAP 1/19B/1861

From the Memphis Appeal
January 19, 1861
Railroad Travel
   The railroads south of us are mostly ??? by the heavy rains. The Mississippi & Tennessee road, we learn from superintendent Hough, has escaped. The {Memphis &} Charleston road has suffered severely. The train on that road, due yesterday at one o'clock, came in at half past seven. It appears that on Flint creek, six miles beyond Huntsville the bridge is much damaged. There is also a bridge nearly destroyed at Limestone creek. Here the passengers have to leave the cars and walk over the bridge, the baggage being carried over, causing great delay, There is a bad break on the Nashville & Decatur road, five miles above Decatur. In the whole distance from Chattanooga to Augusta not a stream was within its banks. There is a break on the Mississippi Central railroad at Grenada. All the streams on this road are high. The Tallahatchie river has risen very rapidly. The bridge over it was expected to be carried away, making the road impassible. Between Canton and New Orleans {New Orleans, Jackson & Great Northern RR}, it is feared the damage is very serious.