NP, MAP 1/15/1863

From the Memphis Appeal
January 15, 1863
$90 Reward!
   Runaway about three months ago from the Alabama & Mississippi {Rivers} railroad, the following named
   TOM, around thirty-three years old, very black, about five feet then inches high, weighs about one hundred and sixty pounds, his front teeth very white and show very plainly when talking.
   DAMON, about six feet high, very black, forty years old, and speaks very much like an African.
   JERRY, about five feet two inches high, aged about twenty two years, is of a brown color, very quiet and has but little to say.
   LITTLE ISOM, about five feet four inches high and twenty years old.
   BIG ISOM, six feet high, weighs one hundred and seventy five pounds, and front teeth out.
   ALLEN, five feet five or six inches high, twenty-two years old and very black.
   ELI, a yellow boy, wears a mustache, twenty-five years old and weighs one hundred and sixty pounds.
   HENRY DAVIS, five feet five inches high, weighs one hundred and thirty pounds and very black.
   -----, twenty-six years old, very black and weighs one hundred and forty pounds.
   I will give ten dollars each for either of the above named boys if lodged in jail so that I can get them.
J. H. Riffle
Roadmaster A. & M. R. R. R.