NP, CM 8/15/1864

From the Charleston Mercury
August 15, 1864
Montgomery & West Point Road
   The Montgomery Advertiser of the 5th says the work of repairing this road is progressing more rapidly than was anticipated, and if no interruption occur, it will be completed before first of September. Planters in this county, and along the line of the road, were prompt and liberal in the tender of hands to assist in the work. Help, too, was furnished by other railroad companies, so that a large force is now engaged in repairing the damages of the Rousseau raiders. By the last of this week it is expected that the cars will be running to Loachapoke. The late raids upon the railroads in Georgia increased the difficulties as to obtaining iron, but a supply will be secured to re-lay between the breaks. We are glad to learn, too, that the Confederate Government has taken steps to keep an adequate force upon the road permanently, to protect it against any future raiding parties. Rousseau, or any other Yankee commander, who may have the temerity to venture upon a similar errand, will not get away with a whole skin.