NP, ASCY 7/6/1863

From the Southern Confederacy (Atlanta, Ga.)
July 6, 1863
Alabama & Florida {(of Alabama)} Railroad Co
Montgomery, July 1, 1863
   On and after Sunday, July 5th, the Passenger Train on this Road, will be governed by the following schedule: Leaves Montgomery at 8 A M, arrives at Mobile at 9:30 P M.
   Leave Mobile at 7:30 P M, arriving in Montgomery at 4 A M. This schedule connects closely at Montgomery with the 6:15 A M Train M&WP {Montgomery & West Point} RR, and at Mobile with the 10:30 P M Train on the Mobile & Ohio Railroad, which arrives at Meridian at 4:30 next morning, and connects with the 7 A M Train on the Southern (of Mississippi) Railroad for Jackson and all points on that Road. 
   Result: passengers arriving on the 5:15 a m Train on the M&WP Railroad, and taking the 8 a m Train, will leave Meridian and reach Jackson 24 hours in advance of the passengers who take the Selma route.
   Passengers who arrive on the 7 p m Train, on the M&WP Railroad, can have a comfortable night's sleep in Montgomery, and taking the 8 a m train, reach Meridian at 6:30 next morning and go West on 6 am train with 
   The Fredericksburg road can be used from the Junction (with the Central road.) The train on this road arrived this morning at 4 o'clock from Taylorsville (21 miles beyond Richmond.) It brings the report the Yankees have crossed the road in the direction of the canal (running from Lynchburg and Richmond.)
   Before burning the bridge the enemy tore up the track of the Central road for some distance near Hanover C. H. After the bridge was destroyed they went in the direction of the bridge over the stream on the Fredericksburg road, but being informed by citizens that a large Confederate force was at that point, they returned to Hanover C. H. *****
Fourth Dispatch
   We had but 80 men at South Anna on the Central road. The Yankees, 1500 strong with two pieces of cannon, made the attack at 2 o'clock and captured the larger portion of the guard. Six were killed and fourteen wounded. The resistance was desperate. The Yankees then burned the bridge. *****
   The destruction of the bridge will not interrupt railroad communication with the Valley.