NP, ASCY 4/12/1862

From the Southern Confederacy (Atlanta, Ga.)
April 12, 1862
Notice to Shippers
Office of Mont'y & W. P. R. R.   {Montgomery & West Point RR}
Montgomery, April 3, 1862
   On and after the 10th of April this company will not pay charges on freight received from points south of this Road.
   Large quantities of Sugar and Molasses have been detained on the route from New Orleans for months, and most of it is, from necessity, much damaged from exposure.
   The Boats and Railroads south of this point will not respond to any claim for damage resulting from delay and exposure -- and to save this company and the connecting lines from much trouble and loss, and to give the owners the opportunity of locating the damage it has been deemed advisable to adopt this course.
   In accordance therewith, it will become necessary for consignors to consign their goods to their own agent at Montgomery.
Dan'l H. Cram
Engineer and Superintendent