NP, ASCY 11/30A/1862

From the Southern Confederacy (Atlanta, Ga.)
November 30, 1862
Northeastern & Southwestern Railroad
   This highly important link in the chain of communication between Texas and the East, we are informed, will be completed about the first of December; but to make allowances for contingencies, it will perhaps be well to give the contractors until the 10th of the month to accomplish the work. This road connects with the Southern road at Meridian, Mississippi, and extends to Selma, Alabama. Selma is about forty miles below Montgomery, and the Alabama river is the channel of communication between the latter and former place -- this is, for the present. It is understood that this road is to be conducted by the officers of the old Selma road running westward, and will form the great artery of commerce and travel through the heart of the Confederacy, saving in time three days to passengers, and in the transportation of an army of heavy freights, at least two weeks.
   The importance of keeping the enemy from this thoroughfare is obvious to every thinking mind, and needs no comment.
Mississippian, 25th.
{The author has the right idea, but uses the wrong railroad name. The Northeast & Southwest Alabama RR was to run from Meridian to Chattanooga. The Alabama & Mississippi Rivers RR was to run from Selma to Meridian. This road was the one completed in December of 1862.}