NP, AC 7/23/1864

From the Augusta Constitutionalist
July 23, 1864
Raid on the Montgomery & West Point Railroad
   The Columbus Sun of the 21st contains the following account of the late raid on the Montgomery & West Point Railroad:
   From the best information that our reporter could obtain -- who returned last evening from the front -- the raiders most thoroughly did their work of destruction of the superstructure of the Montgomery & West Point Railroad, from a point near Chehaw to another some two or three miles east of Goelica, and also of one and a half miles of the Columbus branch road. The stringers and ties were piled first, the iron rails on top, fire applied underneath, and as the rails became sufficiently heated other means applied to aid in distorting them. The number of miles of road thus destroyed is probably between thirty and thirty-five. 
   The raiders destroyed no private property, so far as now known, and committed no robberies excepting perhaps those of live stock and provisions. They destroyed Government property wherever found. They said that they came solely for the purpose of damaging the road and destroying Government property. They also said that they came with the expectation of being captured. This accounts for their having destroyed so much within the short space of two days.
   The raiders left the railroad Tuesday evening, and the last news from them is that they passed through Lafayette, Chambers county, Alabama, that night. It is reported that Col. Lary, with a detachment of General Clanton's Alabama brigade, was in pursuit of them; and also that a detachment of Gen ___'s brigade, from West Point, is trying to intercept the raiders.