NP, AC 2/10/1865

From the Augusta Constitutionalist
February 10, 1865
A Noble Deed
   A late military order caused a large portion of Hood's (now Taylor's) army to pass over the northern portion of the Mobile & Ohio Railroad. The good people of Gainesville, Alabama, upon learning this fact, together with the condition of the troops, and the appreciating their heroic conduct, determined to give them a feast. J. Blass, Wm. Neville, Esq., and Col. R. G. McMahon accordingly took the initiative, when all the citizens of Gainesville and vicinity, ladies and gentlemen, took the matter in hand and daily sent forward a feast that would have gladdened the heart of an epicure. These feasts were spread out at Gainesville Junction, and when a train of troops came along they were invited to make a most agreeable charge. Unfortunately the engine on the branch road {the Mississippi, Gainesville & Tuscaloosa RR} met with a mishap. For a day or so the citizens were deprived of their inestimable privilege, and some trains of soldiers of a most ample feast. Such noble deeds as these need no comment as they proclaim their own eulogy. Let the people everywhere in the Confederacy open their hearts and ample store houses and follow this most praiseworthy example, and we will in a little while have no use for conscript officers or their bureaus. 
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