NA, W&W 5/22/1862

Wilmington & Weldon Rail Road Company
Tarboro N. C. May 22 1862
Mark and Numbers Received in good order, from Wm W Pippen, Agt Ord Dept CSA
    Weight Freight
      Dollars Cents
Col J Gorgas One one Flat car      
Chief Ordnance 15065 lb Scrap & Boiler Iron 15065    
Richmond Va In three Box cars      
  45000 Cast Scrap Iron 45000    
    60,065 lbs    
   As described above, contents and value unknown, to be transported by the Wilmington & Weldon Railroad Company, and delivered to Agent of Petersburg RRd Co or order, at the Depot of the said Company, at Weldon N. C. on the payment of such charges for freight thereof, if any, together with such expenses as shall be shown by vouchers to have been advanced on the same, previous to this entry; in like good order and condition as hen received by them respectively, dangers of fire, water, breakage, leakage and all other unavoidable accidents excepted, the risk of which it is hereby stipulated, shall be borne y the owner, and no package whatsoever, if lost, damaged or stolen, to be deemed of greater value than two hundred dollars, unless specifically receipted for at a greater valuation.
   In case of any loss, detriment or damage done to, or sustained by, any of the property herein receipted for, during such transportation, whereby any legal liability or responsibility shall or may be incurred, that Company shall alone be held answerable therefor, in whose actual custody the same may be at the time of the happening of such loss, detriment or damage.
   All goods in the Depots of the Companies to be, at all times, at the risk of the owner.
Thomas Olony(?)
Agent for the above Company