NA, W&M 9/19/1863

Southern Telegraph Form

Received at                      1863 at           o'clock         minutes
By telegraph from Wilmington   19  To Brig. Genl Wise
I learn you are dissatisfied about your men at Whiteville. I informed you the men were there in consequence of a car breaking down that they were to go on your train. I told the conductor to take them up on your train & notified the Agent by telegraph to tell the men to be ready to go on your train. If they did not take your train I presume it must have been there {their}   fault. We could not prevent the accident & after it occurred I provided for them. Your train was not too crowded to take them.
H M Drane
Genl Supt  {Wilmington & Manchester RR}
{This was a part of the movement of Longstreet to Chickamauga in September 1863}