NA, WNC 7/27/1864

Richmond July 27th 1864
Lt Col Sims
Dear Sir,
   I have addressed you an official letter in regard to an increase of pay on our road. Immediately after the convention in Columbia I called upon in regard to it, but you were absent. I have made no settlement since ??? ??? that you would do something for us. The increase I ask is I assure you absolutely necessary for our road if we are to continue as I have been doing in transporting govt stores alone. I hope you will reply at once authorizing an agreement to pay us fifty per cent additional.
   I was sorry not to meet you here as I feel satisfied that after a conversation you would have without any hesitation agreed to my terms.
   Please reply immediately on your return and oblige.
Yrs Very Truly
Jas. W. Wilson
Eng & Supr WNCRR  {Western North Carolina RR}