NA, WNC 7/27/1864

Chief Engineer's Office
Western North Carolina Rail Road
Salisbury N. C., July 27th 1864
F. W. Sims
Lt Col & Q. M.
   At the Columbia convention, you remember, that the opinion was universally expressed that the rates then agreed upon, were inadequate for roads situated as the one I represent. My object in addressing this to you, is to ask an increase of fifty per cent on those rates on all claims now unsettled.
   The entire stock of our road has been taxed to its utmost in assisting the N. C. RR and other companies in removing government stores when four times this amount could have been realized by ordinary freight. By this, when other roads are declaring large dividends, we, without the additional aid asked above will be unable to pay our tax. Maj. C. S. Carrington & Maj Chisman of Greensboro could inform you of this correctness of the above statement and each one agreed to give me letters to you, but I deemed it unnecessary.
   Take for instance the items of lumber of which I haul a great deal to Greensboro & Charlotte
10 car loads (pr rates)   $325
3 days were invariably taken by this trip. Engineers pay $30  
                                                                 Conductor   " 15  
                                                                 5 Train Hands (3 days) 60  
                                                                 Rations @ $4 per day 84 189
                                                                                 Amt of profits   $136
   This is no unfair statement, to you will readily perceive the fairness of my request. It has been my ??? always to give the government every assistance and all I wish in return is living rates, and on our road less than the above would not be. I hope it will meet with your favorable consideration.
Very Respectfully
Yr obt Servt
James W. Wilson
Eng & Supt