NA, WAR 1/20/1862

Confederate States of America
War Department
Richmond, January, 20, 1862
To the Hon. Chairman of Finance Committee of Congress
   I have the honor, in conformity with your request, to submit the following estimates:
   1st. For establishing railway communication between Danville, Virginia, and Greensboro', North Carolina, to be expended in such manner as the President may deem advisable, one million of dollars in Confederate Bonds.
   2nd. For aiding in the completion of the Railroad connection between Meridian, Mississippi, and Selma, Alabama, to be advanced to the Company now engaged in constructing said Railroad {the Alabama & Mississippi Rivers RR}, in Confederate Bonds, on such terms as the President shall approve, one hundred and fifty thousand dollars.
I am, very respectfully, your obedient servant,
J. P. Benjamin, Secretary of War