NA, V&T 10/11/1864

Hd. Qrs Dept W. Va. & E. Tenn
Wytheville Va, Octr 11th, 1864
Special Orders No 64
X. There being no depots for storage of supplies, and stores from Salem to Dublin {45 miles on the Virginia & Tennessee RR} owing to the destruction of those at intermediate stations by the enemy, Capt V. G del Isle AQM is charged with the immediate construction of a suitable warehouse near Central Depot. The building will be located in such position as to be convenient for the receipt of freight from cars and also for shipment of same by boats & bateaux on New River it being designed to make this the Depot for receiving and shipping stores to the Narrows of New River.
   Capt de l'Isle from his experience in regard to the requirements of such a building is entrusted with the details of construction as regards place & specifications.
   He will receive such assistance as may be necessary from the Engineer Company stationed at New River Bridge and any Comdg Officer near him upon application will render him such aid as will lead to the speedy completion of his works.
By Command of
Major Genl Breckinridge
T. Stoddard Johnston
A A Genl