NA, TX 9/17/1863

Chief Qr Ms officer
East Sub Mil Dist Texas
Houston 17th Sept 1863
Capt Albert N. Mills
A. A. G.
   Since my report of the condition of several of the Rail Roads was handed in to you I have received the following reports from the Supt of the B. B. B. & C. R. R.
A. C. Mulligan, Supt. Locomotives 6 of which 3 are in good order & 3 in bad order
  One of the latter will be in running order in a few days
Box cars 18 of which 16 are in good order 2 in bad order
Flat cars 40 " 34 " 6 "
Passenger cars 3 " 3 "    
Baggage cars 3 " 3 "    
   The greater part of the rolling stock is always in motion. Empty cars are generally at Alleyton, at least more frequently than at other points.
   The wells furnish but a limited supply of water about sufficient for one train each way per day, and two extra trips per week in addition. The Supt says that if ordered to do so he could keep an engine and train at Alleyton to meet emergencies.
I have the honor to be
Your obt svt
Thos J. Scuny Major & chief
Qr. Mr East Sub Mil Dist Texas