NA, TX 9/12/1863

Chief Qur Ms officer
East Sub Mil Dist Texas
Houston Sept 12th 1863
Capt Albert N. Mills
A. A. G.
   Capt, In reply to a note I addressed to the Superintendents of the several R. Rds requesting a report of the means of transportation each has in good order or in any fit for immediate service, I have received the following reports:
Tex & NO RR Co

W. W. Morris, Supt.

8 Box Cars All in Serviceable order and can be commanded at any time when not in the Road
12 Stock do
22 Platform do
4 Passenger do
1 Mail do
4 Locomotives  


belonging E. T R. R. Co. this can be used in emergency
3 Stock & 2 platform cars at Baugo thus cannot be used unless the Crib work across Nichiz River bottom is completed
H. Tap & B R. R.

John W. Strump, Supt

2 Locomotives, one of which is in good order, the other barely serviceable
2 Passenger Cars -- 1 first class & 1 2d class
14 Platform or Cotton Cars
3 Box Cars -- 4 Hand Cars

The rolling stock of this Road is barely sufficient for the service, and kept in constant use, not stationary at any point


NB The track is much out of repair and is dangerous for transportation of Passengers etc. The impossibility of procuring labor has brought about this state of things

G. H. & H. R. R.

Geo. B. Nichols, Supt.

30 flat or platform Cars
14 Box                    do
4 Passenger              do
4 Cattle                   Cars
2 Second class           do
2 Mine                       do
3 Locomotives in running order -- Two of them are running the regular trains; the other is in the service of the Engr. dept. on the island. No engines or cars are stationed at Houston or other points; the amount of transportation is so great, that everything is kept moving. The Supt. desires that, in the event of the moving of troops he may have early notice so as to enable him to concentrate his cars.
Thos. Scuny Maj O.
Chief QM East Sub Dist Tex.
Attached the report of the Central Road
Since the forgoing report was made I have received the report of the Texas Central R Way Co. as follows.
H. & T. C. R. W. Co

D. O. Allan, Supt

3 Locomotives fit for immediate use, one of which stops at Millican over night, two at Houston over night
30 Thirty flat cars all in order but used distributed on the way
25 Twenty five Box cars
6 Six Horse or stock cars
8 Eight Hand Cars
  One of which is kept at Houston
  One   "       "   "     "    "  Gum Island
  One   "       "   "     "    "  Cypress
  One   "       "   "     "    "  Hockley
  One   "       "   "     "     "  Clear Creek
  One   "       "   "     "     "  Conntney
  One   "       "   "     "      "  Navasota &
  One   "       "   "     "      "  Milican
Thos. J. Scuny Maj
& Chf Qr Mr E. S. Dist Texas