NA, SWT 6/17/1862

Richmond June 17th 1862
L. J. Fleming
   The Department has contracted with the Alabama & Mississippi {River} Rail Road Co. for the construction of the road in conformity with the Act of Congress, and has appointed Captain A. S. Gaines as its agent to superintend the operations of the Co. Should he be incompetent he will be removed. It is unnecessary, therefore, for General B. Bragg to appoint an Engineer to take charge of the construction of the works. The Rail Road Co. must select their own Engineer, as they are the contractors with the Government.
   If they wish your assistance or wish you to take charge of the construction you will be permitted to do so, but you will not interfere without their consent, as you might thereby subject the Government to a charge of violating its contract with the company.
G. W. Randolph
Sec. of War
Sent by telegram