NA, SWR 6/20A/1862

Southern Telegraph
Received at Richmd  June 20 1862 at        o'clock,     minutes
By telegraph from Demopolis  June 20  To Hon G W Randolph Secty of War
   By the order of Genl Bragg Major Fleming Chf Engineer Mobile & Ohio Railroad was assigned to the Duty of Completing the Ala & Miss Rivers Railroad by a later order Capt PH Thomson of Genl Braggs staff has taken military possession of the road & is now here making his arrangements to complete it. The Company with the aid of the Congressional appropriation would not be able to finish & equip the road in time for the military wants of the Govt the River to Gainesville is now too low for navigation & from this to Mobile navigation is becoming difficult the road from Selma is completed within four miles of this place & from this point towards Meridian is in progress I report by mail of this date.
A. S. Gaines
Special Agt