NA, SWR 6/16A/1862

Southern Telegraph
Received at Richmd  June 16 1862 at        o'clock,     minutes
By telegraph from Selma  June 16  To Hon G W Randolph Secty of War
   I have been directed by Genl Bragg to take charge of the construction of the Railroad between Meridian & Selma {Alabama & Mississippi Rivers RR} the funds for its construction should be placed in the hands of the Quarter Mast here to meet requisitions. Please order one of the spike machines not now in use at the Tredegar works sent here in charge of a man experienced in operating it to be attached to the Shelby Iron works to make spikes they cannot be obtained in any other way. Capt Gaines is in the work rendering every assistance.
L J Fleming
Chf Engr  {Mobile & Ohio RR}