NA, SWR 3/6/1863

Executive Department
Montgomery, Ala., March 6th 1863
Hon. James A. Seddon
Sec. of War
   I take great pleasure in introducing to your acquaintance Hon. Robert Jamison Jr. of Tuscaloosa, Ala. who visits Richmond upon business connected with the important Rail Road interests of the Confederacy. Col. Jamison is one of the leading public men of Alabama, and is President of the North East & South West {Alabama} Rail Road. This road connects into the Vicksburg and Jackson Rail Road {Southern (of Mississippi) RR} and the Mobile & Ohio Rail Road at Meridian Mississippi, & extends in a North Easterly direction through & across the State of Alabama, & intersects the Memphis & Charleston Rail Road near Chattanooga. It passes directly through the finest mineral region in the Confederacy, ??ing for one third the distance in coal, iron, lime &c. and in view of its connection & military importance there is no other road in the Confederacy to be compared to it, which is now in progress to completion. Col. Jamison will explain to you the present condition of the road, & will submit for your examination a Geological map of Alabama, which presents at a glance the course of the rod through the mineral deposits of the State.
   I cordially commend Col. Jamison to your polite attention and confidence, and shall be gratified at any encouragement or assistance which you may feel at liberty to give his enterprise.
Yr ob svt
Jno Gill Shorter  {Governor of Alabama}