NA, SWR 3/26A/1861

{This is the contract referred to in the Board of Directors Resolution of the Alabama & Florida (of Alabama) RR of the same date. The first page of the contract is missing}
Rail Road Company hereby binds itself to have their said Rail Road completed, and in running order on the 10th day of May next hereafter ensuing, so as to afford and provide, the transportation above stipulated for, in each particular,
   And if the said Rail Road shall fail to have their said Road so completed and in running order by said tenth day of May, it further binds itself to cause to be transported in waggons or other vehicles, or in equivalent modes of transportation, the baggage of troops, munitions of war, subsistence stores, or other subjects or objects of transportation of said Confederate States, over any interval, or Gap, of said Rail Road, at any time existing on the line of said Rail Road between Montgomery and Pensacola, at the only proper charge, expense and cost of the said Rail Road Company.
   And in the event that default be made by said Company in the transportation herein before provided for, in all, in any, or in either particular thereof then the said Rail Road Company further binds itself to pay of its own means, to the said Confederate States, such sum or sums as they shall have paid, or agreed to pay, for such transportation, done for them by third parties.
   And in no instance shall the transportation for said Confederate States, by the said Rail Road Company be charged at a greater or higher rate than those established by said Company, and charged by them usually, as against individuals, other States, or corporations for like services.
   In testimony whereof, the said Alabama & Florida Rail Road Company has on the date above written, signed, sealed and delivered this memorandum of agreement by the officer, and in the manner authorized by its charter Constitution and by-laws.
Charles T. Pollard
Pres A. & F. R R Co
Jno E Baker