NA, SWR 3/26/1861

At a meeting of the Board of Directors held on Tuesday the 26th day of March 1861. A majority of the Board being present; the following Resolution was immediately adopted.
   Resolved, That the President is hereby authorized to receive from the Confederate States, of America, the Sum of fifteen thousand Dollars as an advance to assist in the speedy completion of the Road, and to execute a contract to pay back the same in the transportation of Troops, munitions of war, and such other service as may be required, and to contract for the completion of the Road by the 10th day of May next ensuing, so as to perfect the connection between Montgomery and Pensacola, and in the event that the Road should not be completed by the time specified then to bind this Company to provide at its own expense for the transportation of the Baggage of Troops, Provisions and Munitions, over the Gap or Interval between the two ends of the Road.
   I, John E. Baker Secretary of the Alabama & Florida Rail Road Company of the State of Alabama, do hereby certify that the above is a true copy of the Resolution, of the Board of Directors of Said Road, taken from their Minute Book.
Jno. E. Baker Secty
Ala & Fla. R. R. Co of Ala