NA, SWR 12/5/1861

President's Office
Alabama & Florida Railroad Company of Alabama
Montgomery, Ala., 5 December 1861
Gen C J McRae
Richmond Va
My Dear Sir,
   The Legislature has passed a Bill authorizing the extension of the Alabama & Florida {(of Alabama)} Rail Road to the Depot of the Montgomery & West Point Rail Road, a connection of great importance to the Govt, but which unless I can get aid, I cannot accomplish.
   Enclosed I hand you a Letter from Major Calhoun the Quarter Master in answer to my enquiry as to the amount of Drayage paid out by the Govt. You will see that since the 1st day of April it has amounted to $16,810.63 and will probably reach for the year $25,000.
   If the connection between the Roads were to made the largest proportion of this Expenditure for Drayage will be saved and very greatly increased expenditures given to every thing that may be passed through.
   The cost of making it is in good money $75000 about 1000 feet of Bridging will have to be built to cross the Flat Lands between the town and depot of the Montgomery & West Point Rail Road and some valuable property purchased to get the right of way.
   This Company now owes the Govt $15,000 -- loans to complete the Road, and which has laid ?? to enable us to increase our supply of cars by the permission of the Govt and which yet in number are inadequate to meet the service required of us and we are now in a worse condition than ever, in consequence of the opening of the Mobile & Gt Northern Rail Road with a very limited outfit and the necessity of allowing that Road to use our Freight Cars.
   If the Govt will allow us $35,000 in addition to the $15,000 now due from this Company making the sum of $50,000, I will set our workers the connection and to pay to work it ??? I will transfer the mail pay free and after the 1st day of July 1862 which will amount to about $20,000 per annum. So this is 2 1/2 years the amount assured will be paid back and the Govt will save by the ???, if the war continues not ??? less than the ?????
   The saving of time in the transfer of troops may become very important, it takes an average of 5 hours to move a Regiment and its Baggage & Camp Equipment over from one Depot to the other. If the connection could be made the transfer could be made in one hour. The Gauge of the Roads differ so that the cars of one Road could not run on the Track of the other, but by having a Platform between the Tracks, the transfer could be made very rapidly.
   You will greatly oblige us if you will bring this matter as seems to us the Govt for consideration. I can now control in large large force to do the work, and if it is to be done, there should be no delay about it.
   Genl Bragg has recently I understand directed Major Calhoun to remedy the delay in transferring supplies, he gives in the letters, I submit an estimate of the cost of an outfit of Drays, to keep up which you will see it will require about $25,000 per annum.
Very respy
Your &c
Charles T. Pollard
{surviving part of attached letter}
Drays required to do the hauling for the Government at Montgomery Ala and estimated cost of the same
30 Double Drays @ 400$ 12,000 00
60 Mules @ 350$ 21,000 00
30 Double Harness 100$ 3,000 00
20 Single Drays 150$ 7,000 00
20 Single Harness 60$ 1,200 00
10 Extra Mules & Horses 330$ 3,500 00
1 Heavy Drayer truck for heavy ordnance 700 00
    $51,400 00
  Wood & forage teams for service of the different departments & for the use of Regts stationed and passing through    
12 Wagons @ 350$ 4,200 00
12 Setts four horse harnesses 160$ 1,920 00
84 Mules @ 350$ 29,400 00
    $35,520 00
  Expenses for Month Dray Line    
50 Drivers pr mo 35$                                              1750    
1 Wagon Master 4 Horse teams                               100    
1            "            2          "                                        100    
  Rent of Stable                                                        125    
  Feeding 90 mules per mo corn                            2400    
                  "                        hay                                945    
  Watchman                                                                75    
  Shoeing 90 mules pr mo                                         540    
  Repairing Drays and Harnesses pr mo                 3500 $9,535 00
  Expense per annum $114,430 00
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The expense per mo of wood & forage teams
84 Mules board per mo                                              2920    
12 Drivers hire Board & clothing pr mo 35$               420    
  Shoeing 84 mules pr mo 5$                                      420    
  Repairing wagons per mo                                       2400    
1 Wagon Master                                                          100 $6260  
   The contractor for the transportation has employed 215 mules almost constantly in the service of the Government at this post and when not needed by the Government are not at the expense of the Government.
   The value of pay established by the city of Montgomery and pay by the Rail Road Cos are $1.25 per ton of 2000 lbs between Rail Roads and Steamboats.
   The Government get the same hauling for $1.00 per ton and estimates the ton at 2240 lbs.
   The above estimate is most respectfully submitted
Yr. Obt Sevt
J L Calhoun