NA, SWR 1/25/1865

Richmond Jany 24 1865
To His Excellency
Jefferson Davis
Prest. Confd States
   I have filed an application for the appointment of W M Moses Capt & A. C. S. The application has been favorably referred by the Secy of War to Yr Excellency.
   1t I beg leave to support that application by the following statement.????? transportation is no doubt very much encumbered by the shipment of private freight by Govt freight, and for this ????? and can be no check in the Q M Dept, but such ????
   2d In my Dept. I propose to put on the RRd an officer who will make ??? ??bly reports of all freights passing as Govt freight. I will have from my subordinate officers a service monthly ??? ??ment of stock on hand purchases and shipments and if the officers of the RRd is incompatible with the check is perfect. The ????? is in no way related to me, but has been in my employ while in the Army 2 years. He is in every respect reliable and qualified, has private fortune sufficient to keep him beyond temptation which is essential in the depreciation of the currency & consequent inadequacy of pay for support.
   3d I do not increase the number of officers in my Dept. I have transferred Capt Denund from my office to more active duties in collection of supplies. I have had another officer Capt J D Walker ??? as inefficient and I propose that W M Moses shall attend to the duties on the RR and those of my office formerly discharged by Capt Demond.
   4th He has a Certificate of Disability for Field Service.
R J Moses Maj
Resp Yr obt Sevt. Chf Commiss St George
Chief Commy St George
Richmond Jany 26, 1865
In support of application for appointment W M Moses as Captn & A. C. S. Suggests plans to prevent impressment in transporting private freight as Gov freight
Q. M. Genl for remarks ????? enclosure
J. D.
Qr. Mr. Genl Office
Richmond Mar 6/65
Res. referred to Lt Col Sims
By order Q M Genl
Ch. Morris
Capt. & AQM
Richmond Mch 8/65
Respy returned to Q. M. Genl.
An efficient officer would be of service in the capacity mentioned, but his operations would be limited to one point. If such a plan was generally adopted a large number of officers would be required to carry it out. The same result would be obtained by holding present appointees to more rigid accountability.
F. W. Sims
Lt. Col. & C.
Qr. Mr. Genls Office
Richmond Mar 11/65
Returned to the President
Attention invited to the remarks of Lt. Col. Sims which are approved as just & appropriate.
A R Lawton
QM Genl
Secty of War. The above objections seem to be well taken.
22 March 65
J. D.