NA, SM 3/16/1865

Meridian March 16, 1865
Lt. Genl. Taylor
Comdg Dept Ala Miss & E La
   We the undersigned M Emanuel Presdt of the Southern {(of Mississippi)} R R Co and A. M. West Presdt of the Miss Central R R Co, respectfully represent that their roads are greatly in need of various articles necessary to keep their road and rolling stock in repair, and we respectfully ask the privilege of sending within the enemy's lines from time to time a limited amount of cotton for purpose of purchasing Railroad supplies. Say ten bales in advance of purchasing said supplies.
Very Respectfully
Your obt sv t
M Emanuel
Presdt Southern R. R. Co.
QA. M. West
Prest MC R R Co
   I respectfully ask for a limited privilege for the Memphis & Charleston Rail Road Co.
Sam Tate Prest
{on back of letter}
Hd Qr Dept Ala Miss & E La
Meridian Mch 16/65
   This paper will be filed. Application rec'd the approval of the Gen'l Com'd'g and was referred to Mr. J. S. Wallis sp'l Agent with orders to grant permits to these companies to export limited am'ts of cotton and bring in supplies under his supervision & instructions.
By Command of
Lt. Gen. Taylor
W. F. Bulloch