NA, RR 7/19/1861

Memphis July 19, 1861
To Maj. Genl. Polk
   The undersigned Presidents of Railroads desire respectfully to bring to your attention the fact that our several roads in common with others have consented to an arrangement with the government of this Confederate States by which we transport soldiers & munitions of war of every kind at half price & receive our pay in Confederate Bonds. The service we perform being of an unusual & irregular kind constantly requiring extra trains to be run out of regular time, our compensation will not meet our actual expenses. We are however contented with the arrangement & are endeavoring to carry it out in good faith. But in passing soldiers over our roads we find some of them are disposed to disregard all our rules and to ride when & where they please in defiance of the conductors & officers on the trains. In many instances trains have been forced to start & stop out of time thereby greatly endangering the lives of passengers. Under the pressure of these difficulties we appealed to Brig. Generals Clark & Cheatham for relief and they were pleased to make the orders which we herewith enclose. Should you deem it proper we would {be} pleased if you would give to this order your official sanction as commander in chief.
Most respectfully yours
Milton Brown
Prest Mobile & Ohio R. R. Co.
Sam Tate
Prest Memphis & Charleston RR
Jas. P Wood
Prest Memphis & Ohio RR Co
F. M. White
Presdt Miss & Ten RR Co