NA, RR 5/8A/1862

Grand Junction, Tenn.
May 8th 1862
Capt Oladowski
Chf of Ord Army of Miss
   All the ordnance stores that have passed here were 10 Boxes of guns which you have received. No other stores have passed here to my knowledge.
   The Freight Trains on the Mem & Cha Road {Memphis & Charleston RR} remain here but a few moments. I enquire if there are any ordnance stores aboard. Sometimes I find out & then again I do not. Before I can do anything the train is gone. I receive some assistance from the agent here. 
   No train has arrived from the Miss Central to day, an accident has occurred near Oxford Miss, but to what extent I have not heard.
I remain Sir
Your obdient
A. J. Murray