NA, RR 2/11/1865

Confederate States of America
War Department
Engineer Bureau
Richmond, Va
Feby 11th 1865
Hon. J. C. Breckenridge
Secretary of War
   In response to the resolution of inquiry of the C S Senate of the 23th ulta, I have the honor to submit the report of this Bureau to such sections thereof as required the same, as follows, viz:
To the first and third sections requiring a report of the number of details of men between 18 & 45, and the number of negroes necessary for Engineer service, embracing defensive works, and repair and construction of railroads,
1st For Engineer service army of Northern Virginia 100 details 5000 negroes
2nd    "         "            "      Dept of North Carolina 47 details 1025 negroes
3rd    "         "            "      Dept S. C. Fla & Geo 175 details 5500 negroes
4th    "         "            "      Dept Ala, Miss, & E. La 150 details 4800 negroes
5th    "   Repair and construction of Railroads South of Virginia 350 detailed 2000 negroes
6th    "   Construction of Columbia & Augusta Railroad 100 negroes 50 detailed
7th    "              "             Thomasville & Albany Rail Road 50 details 250 negroes
8th    "              "         of railroads in Alabama 300 details 2000 negroes
9th    "   ????? 30 details 100 negroes
                    Railroad ??? 10    "  100    "
                    Total 1297 details 21,125 negroes
   ????? as to the rail roads the repair and construction of what will be ??? for military purposes and would be ????? in part by appropriations to the C. S. Army:
1st The construction of Columbia S C and Augusta Georgia
2nd    "           "           " Albany Geo and Thomasville "
3rd    "           "           " Union Springs Ala, with Montgomery Ala
4th    "           "           " Montgomery      "   and Selma                "
5th    "           "           " Railroad Bridge over {Tom}Bigbee River at Demopolis Ala {Alabama & Mississippi Rivers RR}
   In addition to the specified works, all the main connections will require repair, and that some rail road iron be furnished them. Possibly, no further assistance will be required for the Columbia & Augusta road, that the details of able bodied men above named, with the addition of authority to purchase supplies in the vicinity of the work.
   On the connection between Thomasville and Albany Georgia, the Bureau has made a specific recommendation that $6,000,000 be appropriated, and that the privilege of hiring negroes in the neighboring counties, and of purchasing supplies in the same be granted.
   Instead of recommending an appropriation for cash of the other works above named, and for repairs, I would advise that a general appropriation be made for construction and repairs of Railroads for military purposes of $15,000,000 to be applied to such roads, as, in the opinion of the Secretary of War, must be built or repaired.
Respectfully submitted
J. F. Gilmer
Maj Genl & Chf Engineer Bureau