NA, RR 12/7/1861

Richmond Dec 7th 1861
Hon J P Benjamin
Secy of War
Dear Sir,
   Since my communication of the 3d of December, informing you that Mr Fleming the Supt of the Mobile & Ohio Rail Road had undertaken to say, that the Telegraph Line between Mobile and Meridian should not be built, and that the posts would be burned a soon as they were delivered, I have been informed that he will be sustained by the Directors of that Rail Road Company in that determination.
   I therefore ask, to obviate difficulties, and expedite the work, that you will instruct Mr Fleming the Superintendent and the Rail Road authorities, that they afford the necessary facilities for immediately transporting materials for building that Line.
   I do not wish or intend that the Government shall incur any of the expense but only remove by their authority the difficulties which are interposed by the Rail Road Company.
   If you will issue these instructions I will convey the in person and execute the work speedily.
Very Respectfully
Your Obedient Sevt
Wm S. Morris  Prest
South Telg Cos